Video Two Sheriff's Deputies Under Investigation [Kern Co CA]

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    Published on Mar 23, 2012
    The district attorney will decide whether to file criminal charges against two Kern County Sheriff's deputies in the beating of a suspect.
    Sheriff Donny Youngblood declined to go into detail, but confirms the case of "potential excessive force" has been submitted.
    A source with knowledge of the incident was the only person who would go into detail and tell 17 News that two deputies were involved.
    It happened at night more than 30 days ago and was recorded on video by the Sheriff's helicopter.
    We don't know why the man was being chased, but on the video he appears to come out of the bush he was hiding in and put his hands above his head. The source says the man was taken to the ground, and one of the deputies struck him numerous times even though he appeared to be following the deputy's command.
    We're told the man was later taken to Kern Medical Center for treatment of severe leg injuries.
    That piece of video will become critical for the district attorney's office as it decides whether criminal charges are in order in this case.
    We're told the two deputies involved in this case are on administrative leave.
    The sheriff noted it's possible no criminal charges will be filed and that's why he can't comment, because at that point it would become a personnel matter.
    Deputy District Attorney Michael Yraceburn confirmed to 17 News that the case is under review, but he wouldn't comment f

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