Kern County Sheriff's Deputy Luis Almanza

Discussion in 'Nine Bullies in Blue' started by M, May 10, 2013.

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    3209 Eissler St. (see above) is shown as owned by Antonio G. & Rosalba Almanza.

    From here, also got this possible match:

    242 Dani Rose Lane
    Bakersfield, CA 93308
    Find on map >>
    Land value: $35,882
    Building value: $158,911
    Total value for property: $194,793
    Assessment for tax year: 2012
    Area of property: 9,583 square feet
    Property usage: Single Family Residence On R-1 Zoned Land
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    From the "Wow, that was easy!" department:

    242 Dani Rose Lane, Bakersfield, California
    Thank you ever so much for parking the county's squad car next to your home for visual confirmation. :)

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