Latino Rebels 2013/05/30: David Sal Silva: An American Tragedy (Part 1)

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    Latino Rebels: David Sal Silva: An American Tragedy, Part 1 (May 30 2013)

    Latino Rebels will be running a series of pieces by local Bakersfield journalist/writer Nick Belardes about the in-custody death of David Sal Silva. This is the series’ first post.
    Part One: Culture of Drugs

    BAKERSFIELD, CA – There’s a culture of drugs in the cities where we live in America. Amid the urban streets of new developments. In the eastsides and westsides. Downtown in the heart of homelessness, and in businesses and schools. This culture of pain and mental illness, which is in need of healing, sometimes becomes a victim to law enforcement, to brutal control techniques, where the goal of submission, and the resulting and often confusing haze of a man’s struggle against it, can lead to death, as in the May 8 incident with David Sal Silva.


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