2013/05/24: DA to conduct independent review into death of David Silva

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    As I pointed out when I presented the KERO article on the same subject ...

    Similarly, Kern County Chief Deputy District Attorney Mark Pafford told The Californian earlier this month it trusted the sheriff's investigation of the Silva incident. "We have full faith in the sheriff's department that they will do an accurate and complete investigation," Pafford said. "In the past they've done such investigations and submitted cases to us. Some we've filed on and some we've declined."

    This case must be completely removed from the deeply ingrained cronyism of Kern County government.​

    Bakersfield Californian (5/24/2013): DA to conduct independent review into death of David Silva

    Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green said Friday that her office will conduct an independent review into the death of David Sal Silva once the sheriff's department and FBI have finished their investigations.

    Green said she's requested materials relevant to the case from the sheriff's department, and is also going to wait for evidence from the FBI and her office will then examine everything. She said it's likely it will be a lengthy process.

    The decision to conduct the review was made prior to Sheriff Donny Youngblood's offer to her to conduct an investigation, Green said. She said the public doesn't have a lot of information regarding what happened, and she said she thinks citizens "look to the DA's office in order to get the information and reach a just result."

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