KGET 2013/05/23: Sheriff: Silva’s death "accidental"

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    Repeat after me, Donny: Only crooked cops investigate themselves.

    As expected the whitewash is in:

    KGET (5/23/2013): Sheriff: Silva’s death "accidental"

    Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Thursday afternoon the May 7 death of David Silva has been ruled accidental, caused by the man's drug and alcohol intoxication, longstanding heart disease, and obesity. In a confrontational news conference, the Sheriff said the media had blown the incident out of proportion and called the reporting on the case "shameful."

    The deputies involved in the death of David Sal Silva have been cleared of all wrongdoing in the case and will be returned to duty, Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Thursday afternoon.

    The Sheriff said toxicology reports prove Silva, 33, died of hypertensive heart disease, acute intoxication, chronic alcohol poisoning, severe obesity, and severe hypertension.

    [Are these the toxicology reports that we had to wait so patiently for several months before we'd see the results? And miraculously they're here now, just in time -- you hope -- to save your ass from the impending media storm?]

    He said that, contrary to claims by people who said they saw the incident, the post-mortem proves no deputy struck Silva on the head with a baton. He said an abrasion on Silva's head was caused by falling down.

    [I thought he was sleeping on someone's lawn. How did he "fall" without some assistance from your thumpers?]

    Youngblood said Silva had a blood alcohol level of 0.095 and had amphetamine and methamphetamine in his blood and other drugs in his pocket.

    [Until not too long ago you drive legally in many, if not most, states at .095. As long as he's not driving .095 is not that big of a deal. With regard to the drugs in his system, you lost your last big case ($4.5M) for beating someone to death who had such drugs in his system. Apparently it has not yet registered that rolling drunks and drug users is not a good business practice for your department. Let's hope that the next multimillion $ judgment improves your learning ability.]

    He said Silva was "hobbled" at the time his heart stopped. That means his hands were tied together behind his back, his feet were tied together, and the tied hands were bound to the tied feet.​

    [And then according to witnesses your thugs picked him up & dropped him a couple times. This is how you treat someone that you found sleeping, who only a short time earliers was seeking assistance at a mental health facility?]

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