Bakersfield Californian 2013/05/23: New coalition presses for citizens review panel

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    Once again, Donny: Only crooked cops investigate themselves.

    Bakersfield Californian (5/23/2013): New coalition presses for citizens review panel

    A small but forceful group of community members including from longtime civil rights organizations called Thursday for creation of a citizens review board in Kern County in response to the death of David Sal Silva. Members of the organizations, including the Dolores Huerta Foundation, NAACP, American GI Forum and California Civil Rights Coalition, said such a board would improve community safety and create more effective policing.


    But during a Thursday afternoon press conference about Silva's death, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said a citizens review panel isn't needed. "This case personifies exactly why a citizens review board is not a good idea because I as a sheriff deal with facts, law and policy," Youngblood said. "We don't deal with emotion, but the public does."


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